The Success of My Blog Post: Self-Analysis

To all the wonderful readers,

I must say that when I first began this blog project a few weeks ago, especially involving teacher salaries throughout North Carolina, I was unsure how I would incorporate key issues and develop as a new blogger- and more importantly, a thinker. Much to my surprise, I saw overall progress as the weeks passed and found myself becoming immersed and passionate with the unfortunate reality surrounding pay that these public school teachers face and the political battles currently at hand in attempt to solve them. As my blogs progressed, so did the depth of discussion I held with the readers.

As seen in my first post, I began with a basic introduction that served as to give the reader a general idea of what to expect involving the basic issues surrounding salaries. I concluded with a strong analysis post that not only brought all my blogs together into logical meaning, but engaged the readers with the topic at hand. Furthermore, I provided political debates and decisions that were ongoing. Moving forward in the blogging world, I can now proudly say I have experience with creating blogs and engaging readers and further development my thinking skills.


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