Self Analysis- ELO Programs

Hi Readers! This will be my last blog post about the ELO Programs. I hope you enjoyed learning about them as much as I did.

            When I first looked into this topic, I knew that low funding was a significant problem pertaining to the ELO Programs, however I did not realize that it was related to a chain of other problems. I also found out why the ELO Programs are helpful and extremely beneficial to this generation, with two-parent or single parent working households. It provides a way for kids to socialize, get supervision, and learn useful skills for the future. However, the goal that the ELO Programs wish to attain is working against them, due to the low funding, disagreement between what these programs should look like, and the fact that these programs are not available to every community. I think it was interesting to see how complex this issue really was, and how the solution to increase funding was not the only way to solve this problem. It was challenging to make these connections from different sources and to see how the problem tied together, but at the same time it was interesting as well and helped me understand that all issues are complex and deeply rooted than they seem. The ELO Programs also helped me better understand where education is right now in this country and how it can be improved upon.

            I think I gained a better understanding of the after-school programs through the research I did. Also, during the duration of this unit, I started working as an after-school camp counselor, seeing first hand on how these programs have the potential to change the lives of many kids. I hope you all enjoyed this topic as much as I did!

-Girl 2


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