Charter Schools- Self Critique

After spending many weeks researching charter schools to further my knowledge on them, I have realized that there is much more going on within this topic than I initially thought. Constantly debating with public schools makes it difficult for charter schools to be able to show what advantages they do have compared to institutions. With much researching, I have concluded that charter schools do have advantages over public schools, like having multiple different teaching styles incorporates into their curriculum and having smaller class sizes. They do hurt public schools though by taking away some of their students and funding in order to be able to operate efficiently. I learned that charter schools have more up to date ways in which they operate, having classes online and having new technology in order for the students to further their knowledge. In terms of what I have learned about writing, I now know that for blog posts, there should be a central fulcrum, a main topic that each blog relates back to.

As for my blog, since I just learned how to format a blog, I think I did a pretty good job setting it up the way it’s supposed to be. For each post I incorporated a link and discussed different ways charter schools are rising above public schools. I learned that blog posts need to be a less formal style of writing, while still getting my point across to the audience. With the different information I found pertaining to charter schools, I learned that I needed to make each one of my posts better than the last, raising new questions about how beneficial charter schools really are.


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