We Get By With the Help of Our (Blogger) Friends

Hello to all of our fans here at 5 Girls 4 Education! We appreciate all of the support we’ve received and now that we’ve (hopefully) informed you on various aspects and issues regarding education, it’s time to expand your knowledge even further! We’ve included some links to our fellow favorite bloggers that have discussed topics within the social sciences that these 5 girls have really enjoyed reading. We hope you enjoy their pages as much as we do!

If you have a television or have picked up a newspaper in the past year there is a very high chance you have read or seen something related to police brutality. The media has played a large role in bringing more attention than ever before to the topic of police brutality. kristenl5 does a fantastic job of looking further into how the media is portraying this topic, tactics that might help prevent police brutality, and informs her readers on this topic in a non-biased way.

Mass shootings have continued to affect the United States, and dolanjtgmailcom explores how people associate these shootings with mental illness. He addresses how people place stigmas on those with mental illnesses and how those stigmas affect the way in which they perceive and address mass shootings. He explores in detail the ways in which our ideas of mental illness affect the perception of violence. As this continues to be a prevalent topic in our society, do yourself a favor and you take a look at his page to better inform yourself.

Last but certainly not least head over to ajnguyen97 page where he informs his readers on a topic that is not as heavily covered by the media but equally as important. With his writing style and information provide, he helps his readers to become more aware on cracks within the justice system particularly related to defendants’ rights. He writes several posts on how and why the justice system needs to change, and how this change can happen if defendants’ rights are more prioritized.

Thanks for keeping up with us these past few weeks-we’ve appreciated all of your comments, questions and support!

Girls 1-5


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