The Success of My Blog Post: Self-Analysis

To all the wonderful readers,

I must say that when I first began this blog project a few weeks ago, especially involving teacher salaries throughout North Carolina, I was unsure how I would incorporate key issues and develop as a new blogger- and more importantly, a thinker. Much to my surprise, I saw overall progress as the weeks passed and found myself becoming immersed and passionate with the unfortunate reality surrounding pay that these public school teachers face and the political battles currently at hand in attempt to solve them. As my blogs progressed, so did the depth of discussion I held with the readers.

As seen in my first post, I began with a basic introduction that served as to give the reader a general idea of what to expect involving the basic issues surrounding salaries. I concluded with a strong analysis post that not only brought all my blogs together into logical meaning, but engaged the readers with the topic at hand. Furthermore, I provided political debates and decisions that were ongoing. Moving forward in the blogging world, I can now proudly say I have experience with creating blogs and engaging readers and further development my thinking skills.


Self-Analysis: Tuition at Public Universities

Well readers, it has been a fun couple of weeks but sadly we are coming to the end of this blog series! I hope you’ve learned as much as I have about rising tuition at public universities and how that is affecting our society today, particularly its effect on diversity on college campuses.

When I first started this blog, I imagined I would research rising tuition at public universities in North Carolina, look at some statistics, and write about how I thought the continued rise of tuition needed to change.

But as the weeks passed, my blog content involved into dissecting “Is College a Right or Privilege?” related to higher education. There were so many areas that rising tuition affects-and many of them affect me. You guys as my readers asked about certain topics like junior college as an alternative to high tuition prices and how the price of college is affecting what students study. I learned to address your questions and relate it back to my topic, but I also focused on diversity on college campuses. I decided to focus on one particular area like diversity so that I could really become informed in detail on this one topic.

I feel I have learned more about the subject matter of rising tuition at universities, and have developed new skills as both a writer and a thinker.

Self- Analysis: Public vs Private

Hello readers, thanks for coming back to my blog for the last time! This has been an incredible journey filled with lots of learning!

I started out with just the basic knowledge that there were two kinds of schools, private and public. I knew there had to be some major differences in the way these schools were ran due to the fact that one is “free” to the public while the other was very costly. The reason why however, was unknown to me. As I continued to do research, I started to gather more information on the topic. I learned about their different curriculums, the varying class sizes, and even their alternate testing systems. Through the discovery of these facts I realized that not only are private schools exceeding the national average, but that public schools are failing to meet the bare minimum. With this in mind, my posts began to express more emotion and with more substantial support. Towards the end of the project, I was able to combine everything I learned to better support, and fight, the position for which I stood for.

Overall this blog helped me become a better writer and made me more aware of a topic that pertains to every person in the United States. This journey opened up my eyes to a lot of things I did not know and has somehow given me an initiative to try to do something about it. I hope you guys liked it as much as I did and, maybe, just maybe, we can resolve this problem together!

Girl 4

Self Analysis- ELO Programs

Hi Readers! This will be my last blog post about the ELO Programs. I hope you enjoyed learning about them as much as I did.

            When I first looked into this topic, I knew that low funding was a significant problem pertaining to the ELO Programs, however I did not realize that it was related to a chain of other problems. I also found out why the ELO Programs are helpful and extremely beneficial to this generation, with two-parent or single parent working households. It provides a way for kids to socialize, get supervision, and learn useful skills for the future. However, the goal that the ELO Programs wish to attain is working against them, due to the low funding, disagreement between what these programs should look like, and the fact that these programs are not available to every community. I think it was interesting to see how complex this issue really was, and how the solution to increase funding was not the only way to solve this problem. It was challenging to make these connections from different sources and to see how the problem tied together, but at the same time it was interesting as well and helped me understand that all issues are complex and deeply rooted than they seem. The ELO Programs also helped me better understand where education is right now in this country and how it can be improved upon.

            I think I gained a better understanding of the after-school programs through the research I did. Also, during the duration of this unit, I started working as an after-school camp counselor, seeing first hand on how these programs have the potential to change the lives of many kids. I hope you all enjoyed this topic as much as I did!

-Girl 2

Charter Schools- Self Critique

After spending many weeks researching charter schools to further my knowledge on them, I have realized that there is much more going on within this topic than I initially thought. Constantly debating with public schools makes it difficult for charter schools to be able to show what advantages they do have compared to institutions. With much researching, I have concluded that charter schools do have advantages over public schools, like having multiple different teaching styles incorporates into their curriculum and having smaller class sizes. They do hurt public schools though by taking away some of their students and funding in order to be able to operate efficiently. I learned that charter schools have more up to date ways in which they operate, having classes online and having new technology in order for the students to further their knowledge. In terms of what I have learned about writing, I now know that for blog posts, there should be a central fulcrum, a main topic that each blog relates back to.

As for my blog, since I just learned how to format a blog, I think I did a pretty good job setting it up the way it’s supposed to be. For each post I incorporated a link and discussed different ways charter schools are rising above public schools. I learned that blog posts need to be a less formal style of writing, while still getting my point across to the audience. With the different information I found pertaining to charter schools, I learned that I needed to make each one of my posts better than the last, raising new questions about how beneficial charter schools really are.

We Get By With the Help of Our (Blogger) Friends

Hello to all of our fans here at 5 Girls 4 Education! We appreciate all of the support we’ve received and now that we’ve (hopefully) informed you on various aspects and issues regarding education, it’s time to expand your knowledge even further! We’ve included some links to our fellow favorite bloggers that have discussed topics within the social sciences that these 5 girls have really enjoyed reading. We hope you enjoy their pages as much as we do!

If you have a television or have picked up a newspaper in the past year there is a very high chance you have read or seen something related to police brutality. The media has played a large role in bringing more attention than ever before to the topic of police brutality. kristenl5 does a fantastic job of looking further into how the media is portraying this topic, tactics that might help prevent police brutality, and informs her readers on this topic in a non-biased way.

Mass shootings have continued to affect the United States, and dolanjtgmailcom explores how people associate these shootings with mental illness. He addresses how people place stigmas on those with mental illnesses and how those stigmas affect the way in which they perceive and address mass shootings. He explores in detail the ways in which our ideas of mental illness affect the perception of violence. As this continues to be a prevalent topic in our society, do yourself a favor and you take a look at his page to better inform yourself.

Last but certainly not least head over to ajnguyen97 page where he informs his readers on a topic that is not as heavily covered by the media but equally as important. With his writing style and information provide, he helps his readers to become more aware on cracks within the justice system particularly related to defendants’ rights. He writes several posts on how and why the justice system needs to change, and how this change can happen if defendants’ rights are more prioritized.

Thanks for keeping up with us these past few weeks-we’ve appreciated all of your comments, questions and support!

Girls 1-5