The Future for ELO Programs-Implications Post

As mentioned before, ELO Programs are important for kids as they allow for equal opportunities and provide supervision for kids after school. The problem of low funding and these programs not being widespread and for every kid to access is a crucial one to fix.

Without funding to these programs, many of these programs are closing down, such as, the Triangle YWCA, leaving many kids without a place to go after school. This will leave many kids unsupervised and potentially engaged in illegal activity, or forcing parents to leave work to take care of them.

Also, without adequate funding and implementing these ELO Programs across different communities, a divide is created between students who get access to these programs and those who don’t, thus making the goal the ELO Programs wish to attain, harder to accomplish. With lower funding and many after-school programs being at risk of closing down, many kids will have to travel further to gain the benefits of these programs, and those who cannot, will lack certain social and academic skills compared to their peers.


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