What the Future Holds for Charter Schools-Implications Post

Ongoing issues regarding charter schools versus public schools could continue to get worse if not resolved soon. Charter schools are just recently becoming popular, and if they do not fix some of the problems that have arisen, they will have a hard time in the future. Also, public schools will have to learn to accept charter schools unless they want to face issues pertaining the argument over which type of school is better in the future. Referring to my theory post that gave examples of issue, such as discrimination, school funding, and the amount of charter schools able to operate, could be compromised, but these issues could also remain unresolved causing future problems.

Discrimination is going to be a main topic of conversation no matter what issue is being discussed. Charter schools have been blamed in the past for illegibly making it more difficult for low income, certain races, and disabled students from attending their schools, while public schools have open enrollment, accepting everyone. If charter schools cannot prove that they do not discriminate, the ACLU and Community Legal Aid Society have already configured aspects to make it so these schools no longer do this. They would give schools that do accept these students more money in order to better educate them and make sure that it is free of costs for students to go to charter schools.

The new bill recently being passed that takes some of public schools funds and gives them to charter schools has caused arguments pertaining to why charter schools are allowed to do this. If there continues to be a debate, the state has discussed taking away private schools, and making them become charter schools, operating the certain charter. By doing this, it will increase the number of students that will attend these schools, making it easier for them to raise money in order to keep operating. 

Recently lifting the limit of how many charter schools could operate within North Carolina at one time, there could be an issue of an increasing amount of these schools that would continue to take away from public schools. If there is no set limit to how many charter schools can open, there could be many more to open in this upcoming year alone. With so many schools, there would not be enough funding to be able to operate both the public and charter schools. There is barely enough funding now for the schools that North Carolina does have operating. Adding more into the mix would result in school closures, and money and time wasted by trying to increase the number of charter schools.


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