Implications Post: The Future of Teaching

Hi Readers,

Happy Friday and welcome to my post for implications surround low teacher salary issues.  If you have been reading my weekly posts, you will hopefully understand that this has continually become a major problem throughout the state.  While low salaries currently affect teachers throughout the nation, North Carolina is ranked among the lowest among the other states as having the worst teacher pay.  For this reason, I chose to create an entire blog about it and have discussed several key factors over the past few months. You can check out all of my blogs here.

For this implications post, I will include a brief analysis of what the future holds if this issue remains unresolved.  As mentioned previously, teachers are receiving shockingly low salaries for the amount of hard work they invest in students in public schools.  In fact, currently, high school educators begin their teaching careers earning approximately $30,800 dollars a year, often taking up to 15 years to earn $40,000. The state’s average teacher salary, which encompasses teachers throughout all grades, is $45,967 annually, making North Carolina almost $10,000 dollars behind the national average ( For this reason, many are leaving the state or leaving the career all together, which is creating a gap in teacher availability. While inexperienced teachers still have great potential to succeed, the lack of veteran teachers available exposes students to a less efficient environment.

If changes are not made soon, the education system throughout North Carolina will suffer-and so will the students.  With a current projected growth rate of 9 percent, the gap of teacher shortages will only widen unless legislative officials take action to increase teacher pay tremendously.  This must start at the top- with House and Senate leaders taking charge.  Teacher voices must be heard and recognized if the future education of young students is going to be successful and hold meaning within America.


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