After-school Programs for High School

Hi readers! I hope I convinced you that the ELO Programs are crucial for future generations. For this week’s post, I specifically want to focus on looking at these programs being implemented in high school.

            I think most people agree that kids should have access to these programs when they are in elementary school, providing a nurturing environment and most importantly a place where kids can get supervision. But what happens when kids are in high school and old enough to supervise themselves? Studies have shown that these are crucial years, and most likely the years when students choose to engage in risky behavior. I think these programs should also be implemented in high school, in a way that kids can learn, and engage in the real world. This improves college readiness and helps in allowing kids to gain professional skills.

            These programs would not look like programs for those in elementary school, but would be catered to the students and their academic life at school. By allowing students to gain internships, or being part of a shadowing program after-school, students will gain knowledge about what they wish to do in the future, as well as gain class credit by getting experiential knowledge about the subject outside of class and learning the content in class. I think by implementing such programs, students will become aware of opportunities and gain knowledge in the career they want to explore.

What do you think about implementing more ELO Programs in high school? Would you have appreciated these programs in your school?

-Girl 2


One thought on “After-school Programs for High School

  1. girlfour says:

    Right on Girl 2! After school programs in elementary schools are indeed very crucial for the initial development of children, however, these same programs incorporated in high schools can help steer that development in the right direction. Like you mentioned, these are years where students are exposed to a lot risky situations that can lead down a wrong path if not properly handled. The implementation of these programs can not only lower the probability of these situations from happening, but it can better prepare the students in regards to how to handle them. I think that if schools gave more funds and emphasized the importance of these programs, we would have a higher success rate in America. My last blog post was about how the U.S. is basically in last place when compared to education in other countries. Maybe increasing these types of programs could be the solution! Thanks for sharing, it was a great read!


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