Educational Equality

Hey welcome back! So over the past couple of weeks I have analyzed different aspects of both private and public schools, and compared them in accordance to student success rate. As this may be my last blog post, I would like to talk about education, not in terms of a divided sector, but as a whole affecting our nation.

As I stated in previous blog posts, education quality is dwindling in public institutions while private ones have commenced an uprising. Although choosing one school over the other seems like a very simple decision, it is a terrorizing concept when put into a global perspective. According to the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), the United States placed 27th out of the 34 countries in math and 20th in science.

Pisa2014 (2)This leads me to the following conclusion; maybe our government should take more initiative in the country’s future, not by imposing laws and bettering our defense system, but by improving the level of education its people receive. As these statistics support, this separation in systems has slowly placed the U.S at the lower end of the spectrum when compared to the rest of the world. I believe that if we equalize the education provided in public and private schools throughout the country, there will be a more diverse group of people in professional fields, which will eventually lead to a more prosperous country. Think about it. When attempting to find the cure to diseases, it will not matter what type of secondary school the person pertained to. The only thing that matters is the quality of education obtained within it.

The future of the world we live in today depends on the success of upcoming generations. Regardless of their scholarly background or economic status, the solution to some of the world’s major problems might lie in the mind of one of these individuals. But how will we ever know if they not given the opportunity?

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6 thoughts on “Educational Equality

  1. 1girl4education says:

    I completely agree with what you are saying here. The education students receive in public schools compared to private schools is no where near the same level of difficulty. If the same level of education was required, it would allow people to have the same chances in life, rather than having some rise above the others because of the school they attended. The structure of your post guided me along to the end, revisiting topics throughout that you had mentioned in the very beginning, so great job. Also, I liked how you branched off from what you had been talking about in your other posts, it keeps things interesting to read about something new from time to time.
    This issue also makes me think about how low the United States is placed in comparison to other countries. It makes me question whether or not out country has always been on the tail end of the education train, or if we have just recently fallen towards the bottom. Like you said, if nothing is done to help resolve this issue further generations are going to suffer. Eventually, other people from different countries with better education systems are going to start taking over our jobs here in the US. There has already been an increase in outsourced jobs, if nothing is done soon the United States would suffer greatly.


    • girlfour says:

      I think that due to the fact that our country has gone through various economical difficulties in the past years, our educational system has really been affected. People are more concerned about other aspects involving our nation that education has seemed to simply slip through.
      Also, I completely agree with what you said in regards to jobs. If the United States does not step its game up, fairly soon people from all over the world will take over jobs in America. Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it. It makes me super happy to hear that my blog has kept you interested!


  2. cfranco008 says:

    Yes, I agree the center of everything is education. It is how society is taught to prosper and in my opinion the root of making an industrially successful country. I agree completely with your perspective and I believe it is fundamental that all individuals receive an equally good education to maximize the probably of the future Mozarts, Lockes, and Da Vincis. Chances in life are important and it creates the opportunity for greatness. I liked your analogy, a cure for disease will not come from people who are under educated and if the system is failing it must fixed. I can only hope that in the future things like these can be addressed and fixed. I was also shocked to read that the united states places so low in education, specially being one of the most powerful countries in the world. why is this still becoming an issue? equality is truly not what has been described in our amendments. great blog, it was very informational and this last post was very well written.


    • girlfour says:

      Well thank you! I like your analogy about future Mozarts, Lockes, and Da Vincis, that was very ingenious in itself! Also, I completely agree with what you said about education being the center of everything and the fact that you mentioned that equality is not what has been mentioned in our amendments. It is so true! I believe that our government does not give enough attention to this topic, which leads me to think that this is the underlying reason to why things have gotten so bad. I too hope that in the future, and hopefully not that far in the future, this problem can be fixed! Thank for you feedback, I enjoyed reading it!


  3. jlrust13 says:

    Girl 4,

    Sorry for the late comment! I really enjoyed your post, you were well organized and offered a lot of information that I wasn’t aware of. I had no clue that we were ranked 27th out of 34 for math and 20th in science. That’s not very good…
    I completely support your idea of equalizing education throughout the country. If we continue to offer a certain level of education to only a select group of students how do we expect to see diversity in our future leaders? Equalizing education will not only bring diversity, but will also allow for equal opportunity for all. I think you’ve brought up some great points. Why should your scholarly background and economic status matter? It shouldn’t and it wouldn’t if we were all given the same education. I believe everyone has the ability to do great things, but our environment we develop in can inhibit these abilities.


    • girlfour says:

      Exactly! Equalizing opportunities for all people regardless of their race, economic background, or social status really opens up the opportunity for a better world. By altering the system and creating diversity, the probability of finding cures to diseases, discovering new inventions, and and creating new theories will climax like never before. I really love the way you phrased your last sentence, it’s perfect! Thank you so much for your comment!


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