Charter Schools Testing Out New Methods of Teaching

Welcome back! I’m so glad you guys decided to join me for my last blog post! Hopefully you will enjoy it. In my past posts, I have discussed the reasons why charter schools should exist by describing the different aspects that put them above public schools.

Continuing on this topic, charter schools have started a new online section that offer “six core courses” that are free for the students. This online charter school has just recently come about and is being tested in Greenville, NC this year. Being online, the students have to do a lot of the teaching to themselves, making it a little harder to keep up, but there are advantages that come out of this one trade off. Online learning can be set at a pace that is most reasonable for the student and is a more convenient way for students with busy schedules to be able to get the same education. Other than just those who are busy, it is also very effective to those who have problems adjusting to a classroom. Students especially who have a past with bullying or trouble focusing in a classroom, this option will help these students maximize their learning since they will feel more comfortable taking classes in another setting. This may raise questions pertaining to how they would still be related to charter schools, but the students who take advantage of this are still required to partake in standardized testing and if they need it, the actual charter schools will lend the student a computer and Internet usage in order to be able to participate in this online schooling.

What are your thoughts about this new way of schooling? Do you think it will be more beneficial to certain students?


2 thoughts on “Charter Schools Testing Out New Methods of Teaching

  1. Girl2foreducation says:

    Hi! I really enjoyed your last blog post and it brought up a lot of good issues. I think online learning is extremely helpful if used well. I think since the future is becoming global and very online-based, it is a good idea to introduce students to these types of learning methods. I think it is especially helpful in aiding them in the future. However, I think that classroom instruction is a really helpful thing as well. I think it helps students gain skills on how to socialize, work in groups, handle peers, and build meaningful relationships. I worry that all of this would be lost if the schools were to strictly go online. I think a better way to achieve the online curriculum is to use the “flipped classroom” method, and learn the content at home in their own pace, and then come to class to do homework and practice what they learned at home. What do you think?
    -Girl 2


  2. 1girl4education says:

    I completely agree with you. I think that children who do revert to this new wave of online schooling will be losing the atmosphere that one gains from being in a classroom. Like you said, they will not acquire the social skills that students gain from being with other kids their own age, learning how to interact with one another. I do think, however, that this is beneficial for students who have trouble learning in classrooms, such as those who get distracted easily or who have been exposed to bullying. I think there could be a good compromise to this where students who do go the route of online learning could periodically meet up with other students who are doing the same things they are. This way they will still be getting some social interaction while learning in a way that is more beneficial to them.


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