Charter Schools and Public Schools Compromise- theory post

The debate between charter and public schools continues to be an ongoing issue. Whether or not charter schools or public schools are better relates to the issues of school funding, discrimination, and the amount of charter schools that are allowed to operate in North Carolina at one time. Being for charter schools, I think there are some aspects that could be revised in order to make establishing of these new schools fair the existing public schools.

With public schools initially acquiring more funds then charter schools, it has recently been voted upon that charter schools will begin receiving a portion of public schools funding, angering public schools. In order to come to a compromise on this issue, states could make funding equal for both charter and public schools. Since charter schools are also considered public schools, it would only be fair that they receive just as much money as other public schools.

Another main issue pertaining to the argument between charter schools and public schools is the belief that discrimination is arising in charter schools. By charter schools’ having a lottery based entrance system, it has raised questions to how it is fair to students. Random selecting can result in not allow students who might preform better in charter schools to attend because their name was not chosen from the lottery. By allowing an open-ended entrance system, just like public schools, it would be less discriminating because anyone who wants to attend would be able to. This gives students a fair choice of which type of school they would like to attend.

Lastly, if the restriction to how many charter schools are allowed in North Carolina at one time was reestablished, it would allow more public schools to maintain the amount of students within their schools. This compromise will allow students who want to attend charter schools be able to, while still limiting the amount of students who can leave public schools to attend charter schools. It will satisfy public schools, yet still having charter schools for students to attend. With fewer charter schools, public schools would also get to keep more of their funding that they were so unhappy about sharing in the first place.


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