A Solution to Expand ELO Programs (Theory Post)

The problems pertaining to ELO Programs is complex and difficult to solve as a lot of different factors go into it, as I looked at in my analysis post. Parents, educators, students, and politicians agree that ELO Programs are crucial for learning and for the world we live in today. However, the problem is that the programs are not widespread enough for students to get excess to the, thus creating a divide among those that can benefit from these programs, and those who can’t. With limited funding provided to them, the issue becomes a harder one to solve. This can be solved by answering what the primary functions of the after-school programs are, and what they should look like, thus increasing funding to only the programs that implement this. This will cause these programs to expand in other communities, allowing for more access to them.

Some educators argue that these after school programs should focus on academics and should be a time for kids to do their homework. However, others disagree and say that the after-school programs should allow students to explore hobbies and things outside of the academic realm. Research by the APA has shown that students should have the option to choose what they prefer and help them develop skills in what the want, a holistic developmental approach. Also, by keeping these programs in schools, the students make use of the various facilities an academic building can provide, such as, libraries, gyms, art rooms, etc. Also it helps with other costs, such as, transportation. Allowing these programs to be held in school, it also allows easy expansion for these programs across different communities.

What do you think about these solutions?


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