Why Diversity on College Campuses Is Essential

For those followers of you who have been checking back on my blog weekly since the beginning, or are just reading my post for the first time now: welcome! I’ve been talking about rising tuition at public universities. One area I’ve particularly focused on is how increased tuition affects diversity on college campuses. Today, I wanted to further explore why diversity is important on campuses so you can see why I believe this issue is so significant.

College is a unique experience that allows students to live in a new environment alongside all kinds of people. For me personally, I came from a town in a suburb of Chicago with not much diversity. Most of the people in my town shared similar religious beliefs and were of similar socioeconomic classes. Coming to college, I was able to meet people from backgrounds I never had before and it has been one of my favorite parts of college. My freshman year, I made a friend who was born in Haiti. Throughout the year I learned more about her and the history of her country and became more intrigued in the issues Haiti and other African countries are facing. My friend had a huge impact on me deciding to go on a service trip to Tanzania for one month last summer. The opportunity to meet someone from a different background and become more aware of global issues has been an incredible part of my college experience.

An article featured in US News explains why diversity matters at college, and the first listen reason is that “diversity expands worldliness”. I know this was personally true for me, and my college experience would not be as well-rounded without being surrounded by a diverse community.

Do any of you have similar experiences with diversity at school? How has diversity on your campus shaped your college experience? I’d love to hear from you!


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