PAY Close Attention

Hey everyone and welcome back! I’m so glad you decided to join me again to learn more about charter schools. That being said, this week I am going to discuss the controversy over the salaries of teachers in North Carolina, but more importantly pertaining to charter schools.

There has been a constant debate over the years about the salaries of teachers in North Carolina, but the issue of teachers within charter schools has just recently become a topic of discussion. In this article, the different ranges of teacher salaries is hard to compare between those who teach at charter schools to those who teach at other institutions. Since charter schools are not regulated to pay all of their teachers the same amount, they can choose which teachers they think are more deserving of the higher pay and give the others a smaller salary. Compared to public schools whose salaries range from around $30,000 to $40,000 with a select few making above this amount, 6.6 percent of employees of charter schools make around $50,000, which is above those working in the public school system. With less government funding per student, charter schools have to balance out their funding in a way that makes sure all employees get a salary, even though these salaries have a wide range depending on the quality of the teacher. Although teachers at charter schools may have a bigger salary, they do not receive some of the benefits from the state like other employees, such as longevity pay. Also, since charter schools tend to hire first time and unqualified teachers, they can pay them a lower salary and get away with it because these employees otherwise may not have the opportunity for a teaching career at the time. No matter what school a person teaches at, their salary will depend on a number of factors. There is no said amount for salaries, so there is no fair ways to compare teachers at different schools.

It is hard to say just how much the salaries of public and charter schools differ. What do you guys think? Is it right for teachers at charter schools to potentially be earning more than those at public schools?


2 thoughts on “PAY Close Attention

  1. 3girl4education says:

    Hi! Great post and very interesting to read! I wanted to reply because my topic is also on the salaries of public teachers in NC and the salary injustices they face compared to other states so I feel I can relate in some ways to your post.

    I am still learning about charter schools and trying to understand the key differences they offer from public and private schools. I went to a private school myself (which I guess is similar to a charter school?) and know that the teachers there made way more annually then public teachers…but that’s because private schools have the reserved right to pay them according to their own standards, and not the states. Therefore, if the school was successful and charged enough per year for attendance, then they could clearly afford to pay the teachers a higher salary than those next door at a public school. I often wonder if this is fair myself but I guess it all falls on the fact that as long as parents send their children to private schools then these salary differences with continue to exist.

    Regarding your post for charter schools and the question you ask on whether it is right for teachers at charter schools to be receiving more than pubic schools teachers…. I would have to say that it depends on the quality of education the students receive and the difference between them. Is there statistical data that shows the difference in the quality of education between public and charter schools? That could be an interesting post for next week and could support the reason they DO receive more money.

    I look forward to reading your post next week!

    -Girl 3


  2. 1girl4education says:

    That is a good point you made about private schools teachers being paid more because the school receives more money since the students have to pay tuition in order to attend these schools. Since charter schools, like public schools, are free to attend, the teachers salaries tend to be lower, they just have a wider range. Also, I think that for my next post I could take your suggestion and compare the qualities of education between the different types of schools. I could compared these two by looking at standardize test scores and potentially finding a graph to better display this data.


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