Community College: One Solution to Rising Tuition at Four-Year Universities

Hi readers!

I really enjoyed reading some of your comments from my last blog post and getting to interact with you guys so keep those comments coming. One of my readers posed a question about the option of community college as a possible option to deal with rising tuition rates and the idea interested me so much that I wanted to use today’s blog post to further explore this option.

College tuition costs are rising all across America, and the option of going to community college for two years to finish your general education classes and then only pay tuition at a four-year institution for two years to take classes that are more specifically dedicated to your major and what you want to study seems like a really sensible option.

How many of you didn’t know what you wanted to study when you went to college or changed your major a few times? Community college allows you to explore careers while not wasting as much money before you commit to a four-year university.

However, I know that this is an option I personally thought of when I was graduating high school but I didn’t consider it for very long because I didn’t want to miss out on any part of the “typical” college experience. I wanted to have the unique experience of living in a dorm and be in a situation where I could be a freshman with other students who were in the same position as me. But how much are these experiences as “freshman” worth to us? Are they worth the thousands of dollars we could be saving by attending a community college?

Let me know what you think readers-I would love to hear your opinions, questions, or personal stories related to this topic!

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