What really separates a Charter School from other schools?

Since a lot of you have been asking what separates charter schools from public or private schools, I thought I would take this blog post to describe exactly what a charter school is and how it differs from these other institutions. The article “Public vs. Private vs. Charter Schools” gives a brief break down on exactly how charter schools are different than others.

Referring to the article above, charter schools are a mixture between public and private schools. These combinations are displayed through a multitude of ways such as receiving a portion of public funding like public schools, but unlike public schools, they have to abide by the rules of their charter in able to continue operating. Since charter schools don’t get all of their money from the state, most of their money is raised through other outside organizations. Also, unlike public schools where students are districted to a certain school or could be forced to go to another school do to a disability, or private schools where a student has to pay tuition to attend; charter schools are based off of a lottery system. This system is where anyone who wants to attend the charter school can put their name in the lottery system with hopes of their name being drawn. They use this system in order to make the process of acceptance fair. Unlike other schools, teachers in charter schools do not have to have as many certifications pertaining to their teaching level, but that does not mean that they are not qualified to teach, there are just less strict guidelines to abide by. Although these differences may be a little confusing, just stayed tuned in order to continue learning about these schools.

I hope this cleared some things up for you guys, and I hope you continue to join me each week.

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2 thoughts on “What really separates a Charter School from other schools?

  1. kristenl5 says:

    I had no idea what the real difference was between charter/private/and public schools so thank you for clearing that up! I like how you explained the differences in a way that was easy to understand. Making a post that clearly defines this provides a stable background and makes it easier for readers to understand your future posts. I attended a magnet school for middle school and my freshman year of high school and I think it’d be interesting/helpful to maybe add on information about the differences between magnet schools and the other types of schooling as well.


  2. 1girl4education says:

    I’m glad that you liked my post and that it was easy to understand. I have never heard of magnet schools so it could be interesting for me to include the comparison between these schools and charter schools. I will have to do some research pertaining to these schools, but thank you for giving me a different topic that I could incorporate into my future blog posts.


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