Tuition Costs

Hello there, it’s Girl four here with education again! In continuance to last weeks post, I want to continue to share some more thoughts.

Education is one of the most fundamental rights in which all humans are entitled to, regardless of their economic standing. Since the split of the educational system, parents have been forced to make a decision on whether to enroll their kids in private or public high schools. But what is the major deciding factor? Money, money, money.

The average cost for private high schools in North Carolina is estimated to be around 10,000 dollars. Although considered low compared to most states, within the last decade the poverty rate in North Carolina has increased to almost 18 percent, ranking it the fourteenth state with the highest poverty rate. Its average salary ranks towards the bottom half of the nation with an average annual pay $41,250 (2011).

After these statistical facts, the two paths in the educational road concur in destination; public high school. A child is opted out of the opportunity to enroll in a better educational institution due to how many figures are in their parents’ bank account. Is it fair to restrain a child’s future due to money? If the government forced all high schools, both public and private, to have the same level of education, then all students would have equal opportunities and would not be discriminated on because of their economic standing. Because after all, maybe the cure for cancer lies within the mind of someone who cannot afford education’s high price.

So, what do you think?

Tune in next week!

Girl Four


2 thoughts on “Tuition Costs

  1. cfranco008 says:

    The split of the educational system is a big issue in the United States, and I agree that it doesn’t only divide schools into segments but it also divides the population into segments. Private schools are for the higher upper class and public school remain for the lower/middle classes. Yes I agree with your point that there should be a lot of emphasis in the public school system to equal the high academic standards set by the private school sector; a sense of equality, on that behalf, will definitely unite the socioeconomic class as well to some extent. However have you thought about why private schools were created in the first place? If the system is free and it works (at times) why is there a sudden need to create these expensive institutions? This might be an interesting follow-up post you could look into, I’d love to know more about this topic.


  2. girlfour says:

    You bring up a great point! I’m not exactly sure why they were created. I know that the restriction of religious teachings in public schools was one of the main reasons for the split, however, I am unaware of the reason why private schools took such an initiative in bettering their education. Maybe it was because of the whole free versus not-free thing? Thinking about it, if parents are paying for their child’s education, something that could provided free by our government, then they expect a higher quality of it. Maybe this was the reason private schools commenced this trend.
    I will most definitely look into that! Thanks for your feedback, I truly appreciate it!


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