Charter Schools- Becoming More Popular?

Over the past decade charter schools have evolved, creating a new image within the school system. With Charter schools continuing to expand, it shows the increase in demand for these schools by North Carolina residents. Being limited to only 100 charter schools within the state in 2011, this has now been lifted, allowing for the addition of more schools. With intentions of adding 17 new charter schools to the system next year, it allows more students to experience all of the advantages of charter schools compared to other institutions. This being said, there have been allegations saying that Charter Schools have limited diversity, being the main reason why more white people attend these schools. Contradictions to this have also been made by the Head of Parents for Educational Freedom saying “that black students make up a higher percentage of the charter school population than in the regular public schools.” This then leads to the discussion of whether or not there actually is culture diversity within these schools.

From my own experience, the Charter School that I attended was predominately white, but that’s not because the school intended on it being that way. Since Charter Schools are lottery based, it solely depends on what percent of each ethnicity is placed into the lottery, and which names get lucky and are drawn in order to attend the school. Increasing the amount of Charter Schools across North Carolina allows for more opportunities for students to be at a school that they want to be at instead of one they are placed in according to districting. Opening more Charter Schools could be the start to a revelation within the school system.

Would you consider going to one of these new Charter Schools if you or your child had the opportunity? Think about it!

I know you want to learn more, but until next time,

Girl 1


6 thoughts on “Charter Schools- Becoming More Popular?

  1. epate1 says:

    Hey girl 1!

    Still not totally sure about what a charter school is and why it’s better to be enrolled in one. My question is, if the charter schools are great schools that are also funded by the state, why not make the public schools better? I worry that creating more charter schools, provided they also all run on the lottery system, does eliminate availability to a good education. The inherent exclusivity of attending charter schools could also create a larger sense of disparity in education within these school systems.

    hope to hear more from you next week!


    • 1girl4education says:

      That is a good point, in the next post I will try and cover these issues to try and make it more clear on what I am trying to convey. I am a little confused on how creating more charter schools, which are lottery based, would eliminate availability of education though. Just because they are lottery based does not mean that the education they are getting is not as good as other institutions, it just is a different way of determining who gets to attend the school.


  2. epate1 says:

    PS I did read your post from the most recent week too!! Just thought I would comment on this one since it cleared up a few questions for me.


  3. jlrust13 says:

    First of all I really liked your post and I think it’s interesting that you decided to focus on charter schools! But to be honest I don’t really know what a charter school is? I did grow up in a very small area that didn’t have charter schools so that’s probably why I don’t have much foundational knowledge on the topic. I think it would be beneficial for you and your readers to maybe give an overview of what a charter school is. What does a charter school offer that a public school doesn’t? What would you say sets private, public, and charter schools apart? Because I am not very familiar with this way of schooling I am very interested in seeing where you go with this topic! So far I think you have set up your posts really well and I am excited to see what you discuss next week.


  4. 1girl4education says:

    I’m glad my first post was a little more helpful for you to understand some things. I hope my previous comment cleared up the other confusion, and if you look at my blog this week it goes into greater depth on the difference.


  5. 1girl4education says:

    JLRUST13, if you look at my previous comments it might help clear up some of the questions you might have. I did however, discuss the main differences between charter schools and other institutions in my blog post for this week if you would like to learn more!


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