As Tuition Rises, Financial Aid…Decreases

If you missed my last blog post, check it out here to get some background information on rising tuition at public universities in North Carolina and why the subject matter interests me! Since 2008, North Carolina has cut the higher education spending per-student by 25% while tuition has gone up almost 35%. The Board of Governors recently voted to limit the amount of tuition revenue that universities direct to need-based financial aid to 15%. The Office of Scholarship and Student Aid at UNC Chapel Hill estimates this new limit will double the average of student’s debt. This is having a negative effect on students being able to attend UNC Chapel Hill and shapes what types of students will be able to attend universities like UNC. The less financial aid given, the less opportunity for students coming from low-income backgrounds will have to attend the university while wealthier students will not be as affected. Diversity should be welcomed and sought after on college campuses because campuses with students coming from a wide variety of backgrounds make for a better overall college experience. Tuition rising a few hundred dollars every year might not seem significant, but when it’s increased 35% in the past seven years, that can make a difference if someone is able to attend college or not. Financial issues should not be the reason students who have worked hard to earn a place at a university can’t receive a higher education.

Do you guys or disagree with my opinion? Let me know and check back next week!

Education should be a right not a privilege. We need a revolution in the way that the United States funds higher education” -Senator Bernie Sanders

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