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Teacher Salaries in North Carolina

Hello and welcome to my first blog! While I expect this experience to the challenging, I am excited about sharing my discoveries and opinions with you over the next few weeks. As a college student embarking on improving my own education by achieving my nursing degree, the quality of the education system throughout North Carolina and the low annual salaries that the teacher receive matter to me. Therefore, I have teamed up with four colleagues to from the 5Girls4Education group. Our mission is to focus on the many aspects of education throughout North Carolina.

In my blogs, I will centralize around the low annual salaries that high school teachers in North Carolina face compared to the national averages and discuss the effects it may have the quality of education and the projected job growth of teachers in the state. In my opinion, the overall quality of the education in high schools across the state will suffer due to the lack of funds, the lack of respect for teacher’s hard work and a decrease in motivation caused from the lack of sufficient salaries. I will also focus on the projected growth rate of new teachers in North Carolina over the next 5 to 10 years and the impacts already seen in the 2013-2014 school year with a turnover rate of 14.12%, according to the executive summary found in the North Carolina Turnover Report. This means that teachers throughout North Carolina are unhappy, for various reasons, and are choosing to seek work elsewhere. While there was a six percent salary raise last year, many teachers still feel unjustly paid and taken advantage for. It is for these reasons I will embark on a mission to discover why North Carolina has one of the lowest national average salaries for teachers and what may happen if this does not change or improve soon.

Quoted Website: NC Teacher Turnover Report 2013-2014


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