Rising Tuition at Public Universities in North Carolina

My grandparents immigrated to the United States from Lithuania in the late 1950’s to escape from communists in Russia that were invading their country and so that my father would be able to have a better life. My grandmother was only able to attend school until 5th grade because her family didn’t view education as a priority, especially for girls. It was one of her dreams to have my father graduate from my college, and my brother and I as well. However, what if I were to tell her that in 30 years I don’t know if a college education will be a guarantee for my children? Tuition rates in the state of North Carolina will increase at all 16 of its public universities for the next two years. The average tuition and fee increase in-state is around 4.3%, while out-of-state is 2.9%. While the cost universities operate at continues to increase, I believe there must be other ways to meet these cost increases without eliminating courses or charging students more. Incremental changes from year to year may not seem significant, but if tuition increases 4% for the next 30 years, that will be a 120% increase and affect how many students can go to college. Cost of college is affecting students’ decisions regarding college, with factors like future debt and financial aid packages playing a role in where or if they will attend university. My grandparents risked everything so I would be able to receive an education, and I worry that cost will prevent future generations from being able to receive a college education even if they have worked for it and deserve it.

Stay tuned for more in the weeks to come and make sure to check out posts from my girls 1, 2, 3, and 4!

Girl 5


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