Public or Private?

Hey guys! So as we are all probably aware of, education is a big issue in our society today that greatly concerns the future of up coming generations. It is a major milestone that initiates a child’s path towards becoming doctors, engineers or teachers. This is why as a whole, my group and I intend to examine education’s tangled web and analyze how it is particularly varying in North Carolina when compared to the rest of the world. This girl will personally narrow down this topic and mainly focus on private versus public high schools.

Being Hispanic, this is a topic that closely relates to my background. My parents moved here 15 years ago when I was just 6 years old in search for opportunities. Among those opportunities relied the strong belief that their children would be granted a more prominent education than the one they were offered back home. However, with education branching into two subgroups, public and private, the quality of learning is now depending on the how big our bank accounts are. Our government is focused more prominently on giving better education to those who are willing to give a larger sum of money, than to those who are financially unstable to do so. These people, like my parents, do not posses the opportunity to invest so much in education, but nonetheless deserve the same education equality that wealthier people do.

In this blog, I intend to examine the specific characteristics of private and public high schools by comparing the level of education of its students. Through statistical facts such as SAT scores and percent of graduation I will explore the major pros and cons of public and private high schools.

Interested? More to come next week!

Girl 4


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