Meet Girl 2 for Education

Hi friends, I am very excited to embark upon this journey and start my very first blog.  Please bear with me as I learn about my topic and figure the ins and outs of blogging to inform you all about my research on the education system, specifically in North Carolina.  This blog as you can see is from the perspective of five girls and our individual opinions on education issues, each focusing on a primary area within the broad topic.  Before I go on explaining my area of research, let me tell you why I chose it!

Education is such a powerful tool.  Let me quote Ben Franklin to capture what I’m trying to say, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”  A lot of people already know how important education is, but here’s where the irony comes in: people in the U.S. do not always advocate for education or increase funding for schools, after-school programs, college grants, and other initiatives to increase the tools students have to become critical thinkers in today’s world.  Students in the United States are falling behind those in other countries in skills that they will need in the future.  So, I am going to be working to explore how the Expanded Learning Opportunity program works to tackle this issue.

The ELO program is promotes for education opportunities outside the classroom to provide further engagement and increase the supervision students have.  This is a great way to decrease socioeconomic differences between students by allowing for greater opportunities for those in lower socioeconomic backgrounds to get after-school engagement for free.  The program has the ability to change the future for students, allowing them to get equal opportunities and bringing the at-risk children up to speed with rest of the students.  Tag along my journey to explore how this program can shape the future for students.

-See ya next week,

Girl 2 🙂


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