Charter Schools- Introducing my topic and myself

With a main topic pertaining to education, the subtopic of charter schools interested me the most because it relates to my own life. Growing up in a charter school, my entire school career revolved around this school system, not knowing how other schools operated. I learned the ins and outs of the school and the difference between charter schools and other public and private institutions. Attending a charter school made me who I am today, and I want the state of North Carolina to become more familiar with charter schools, potentially increasing the demand for these schools. If more people knew what they were, there would be more families aiming to get their children into a school that acts like a private school, but is free for all students like public schools. Charter schools pull aspects of private schools and public schools to create a system, while still integrating many characteristics of their own. Even though I am very familiar with many aspects of charter schools, I intend on finding more information pertaining to them, and new bills or laws that are geared toward these schools because they tend to often be neglected. With the increasing number of charter schools, they are becoming more commonly known and favored by certain people, but still not as preferred as other schools. Charter schools operate on a different bases than other schools do, being lottery based instead of districted, receiving less government funding, and having smaller class sizes. In coordination with this, often times teachers in charter schools are not qualified to teach the subjects they might be teaching, but that doesn’t mean the students aren’t getting the same education that students in other schools are getting.

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